#1 Office cleaning service in Brisbane:What Entails In Our Office Cleaning Checklist?

For Common Entryways, Reception & Customer Area

Cleaning front, side glass, & doors, cleaning internal glass, cleaning & dusting rails, screen tracks and other wall fittings, cleaning, dusting & wiping down desks/tables, cleaning & removing of hand/finger marks from doors, walls, light switches, cleaning & removing of cobwebs all areas, cleaning & vacuuming of all hard floors and moping & buffing, cleaning, sweeping & moping staircases including handrails, cleaning of air vents, grills and surround and so on!

For Offices, Common Rooms & Other Rooms

Cleaning & collecting the rubbish bins / recycling bins, cleaning & vacuuming of all carpet floors, dusting, cleaning & wiping all office furniture, fittings, filling cabinets, book cases, pictures, cleaning & removing finger marks & dirt from doors, walls, light switches, cleaning & dusting of skirting boards and window ledges to be dusted / wiped on all exposed surfaces, cleaning, vacuuming, moping & buffing all hard floors and so on!

For Toilets

Clean and disinfecting seats, lids, urinals, handles and fittings, cleaning & washing of floors including plugs and drains, cleaning pipes, doors and door grills, spot cleaning marks from partitions and walls, thoroughly moping and spot cleaning tiles and glass in showers, thoroughly cleaning mirrors, replenishing toilet requisites, cleaning & removing of hand marks from doors, walls, light switches, treating floor drains with disinfectant to reduce foul odors and so on!

For Dining & Kitchen Areas

Cleaning sinks, splash backs, bench tops and cupboards, cleaning & wiping bench tops and its surrounds, cleaning & disinfecting drains, removing rubbish responsibly, spot cleaning both inside and outside the refrigerator, cleaning inside & outside the microwave, cleaning & wiping down all filtered water units, vacuuming & mopping floors, wipe down surfaces and more!

Office Cleaning Services in Brisbane

BBCS is a well-established cleaning company operating in Brisbane possessing an exceptionally experienced and skilled cleaning crew to handle office cleaning tasks of all scales and sizes.

We are very adaptable in our service offerings and cater to several cleaning requests all throughout the year from clients in all our target location.

Over our tenure – we have worked for a wide range of service-seeking office runners all throughout Brisbane. It ranges from single- multi-level office complexes, high-rise office establishments as well as other business set-ups.

What’s more; as your premier cleaning company near you, we are totally insured to safeguard your business equipment as well as office property from any resulting damage. Upon our arrival; we will perform our pre-clean inspection to know the amount of cleaning and sanitisation it needs.

Then once we have devised our cleaning checklist and strategy; we will work on those areas carefully and remove every trace of unwanted germ, bacteria and filth lurking down.

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